Monthly Devotional

Teach Us To Pray

April 2021 Teach us how to pray for ourselves, for others, and for our nation. Teach us to pray for forgiveness. Teach us to pray for healing in our minds and bodies. Remind us. Lord, of your promises. March 2021 He Holds the Whole World In His Hands...remember that song? How do we pray for…
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April 2021 We pray for your guidance in difficult times. We pray for wisdom and knowledge and understanding. We thank you for our victory already won. March 2021 We pray in agreement for your goodness Dear Father to reside in our hearts today and help us to never forget you are with us always and…
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Monthly Devotion

April 2021 I picked up a book today about military special forces. I'm going to learn how they train, the weapons they use, the strength they need to carry out their assignments. Isn't that what we need to be in the Lord's army? I remember that song we sang in vacation bible school- I'm in…
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